The Responsive Approach

A set of simple, practical and profoundly impactful principles and strategies for cultivating and constructing meaningful pathways for healing, strengthening resiliencies, optimizing growth and sustaining positive behaviour change.

Foundations of the Responsive Approach to Helping (RAH), Responsive Leadership, CORE, Core 4 and the ‘Three Great States’ have been developed by Stephen de Groot of Myriad Consulting (2008, 2018)

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Responsive Parent

The hardest job you’ll ever love, made a little bit easier with practical strategies and tools built on the latest research and practices in psychology, education and child development.
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Responsive Educator

We help teachers, administrators and education professionals build a responsive culture of practice, where strengths-based, solution-oriented and needs-focused aren’t just words on the wall.
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Responsive Helper

A Responsive Approach to Helping (RAH) is an individualized, relations-oriented, values-driven and strengths-based approach for working with individuals and groups across and within all human services.
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Responsive Leader

Learn how to practically engage and motivate your team to the highest levels of performance, through understanding and responding to their unique motivators and values.
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Responsive Approach: Who We Are

We've got one priority. You and your practice, whether it's as a parent or as a professional.

With more than 50 years of combined experience working with youth and families across education, addiction, mental health and justice (not to mention our own children!), we’ve realized that there are approaches to building helping relationships that work better than others. The Responsive Approach is grounded in both understanding the basic building blocks of motivation (needs, values, goals and strengths) AND how to recognize and work with the inherent power-dynamics that exist in the parent-child, teacher-student, helper-client and leader-member relationships.
Dad's and Helping Professionals
Years of Experience

Why Responsive is Different



There are a lot of theories out there about being a parent, educator, helping professional or leader. And let’s face it, those jobs are hard enough. We don’t need to make them more complicated.

The Responsive Approach believes that things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.



Principles, strategies and tools that work, and are easy to work with.

We help you understand and use the Three States of Engagement and the CORE4 Motivators (DeGroot, 2017) to get past theory, and into practice.



Growth, learning, healing and wellness happen in relationships that are compassionate, connected and trusting.

We help you understand how power, and the right use of it, is essential to building those types of relationships.



Needs, values, goals and strengths are the primary motivators of human behaviour, and we teach you how to use them to unlock engagement and create the conditions for lasting change, increased wellness and meaningful connections.

Highly Qualified Team

Jeff_700 (1)

Jeff Couillard

Founder, Attainability Group

Jeff Couillard is an experienced leader in the nonprofit, education and community sectors. His vision is to help organizations build incredible teams and help people change for the better. From leading multi-disciplinary professionals to facilitating change management, keynote addresses to small group facilitation, Jeff has a knack for engaging people in the conversations that matter.

Steve DeGroot

President, Myriad Consulting

An expert and authority on human behavior, performance, organizational climate, culture, development and leadership, Stephen DeGroot maintains an exceptional track record in results. He has worked with and provided services for over 200 organizations in both the human services and corporate sectors and is the author of Responsive Leadership in Social Services (2015) A SAGE publication. As an international speaker, Stephen has addressed more than 30,000 people across 7 different countries.

Kelly Waters-Radcliffe

Clinical Lead, Attainability Group

Kelly is a registered psychologist, family therapist and seasoned trainer. His specialties include Right Use of Power, Ethical Decision Making, Client-Centered care and Non-Violent Communication. Kelly is extremely adept at helping people identify and clarify their needs, values and strengths in relation to whatever challenge is at hand.

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