The Responsive Helper programs are the next evolution of the Relationship Based Strengths Approach (RBSA, de Groot, 2008-2018) and have been designed and developed for professional helpers in all human service sectors including but not limited to:

  • Mental Health

  • Child Mental Health

  • Addictions

  • Child Welfare

  • Education

  • Child and Youth Care

  • Youth Justice

  • Health

  • Child and Youth Care

  • Homelessness

          …and many more

The Responsive Helper Programs can be offered in a variety of formats to fit the needs, values and goals of any organization and/or service delivery program. All programs are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of the people and groups the organization and/or programs serve and support.

All programs are highly practical and immediately impactful, offering workers dozens of tools and strategies for understanding and effectively approaching the people they work with, and moving towards the most preferred outcomes.


Our Responsive Helper webinars are loaded with practical and efficient principles, strategies and tools to help you ease stress, eliminate conflict and enhance your client’s resiliency, healing and growth. A bite-sized professional development opportunity to keep your practice moving forward.


Our free Responsive Helper newsletter is packed with resources, tips and stories designed to help you learn and grow in your role as a helping professional. We’ll send you the best of the blog, as well as all the interesting and useful things we find and create.


Our Responsive Helper trainings are hands on and engaging workshops designed to give you the practical skills and strategies needed to dramatically improve your outcomes with even the toughest clients. We can custom build a workshop or series of workshops for your organization today!

The Responsive Helper: 2-Day Workshop Learning and Practice Objectives


  • Connect with helper purpose and review preferred outcomes;

  •  Make clear links between Mission, Vision, Values and RAH;

  •  Understand the impacts and implications of relational trauma, wounds and damage;

  •  Review the “necessities” for client healing and optimal development;

  •  Learn the foundations of a Responsive Approach to Helping;

  •  Learn about the CORE 4: Needs, Values, Goals and Strengths;

  •  Review and practice effective relationship and communication strategies;

  •  Review and apply a simple practice approach for putting values in practice;

  •  Practice strengths-based strategies for improving outcomes;

  •  Promote and sustain conditions for “Better” choices and preferred behavior change;

  •  Utilize in practice, RAH skills and strategies with specific case examples;

  •  Understand and leverage CORE 4 in practice, towards better outcomes;

  •  Learn how to get Buy-in from all clients;

  •  Learn how to decrease and even eliminate “resistive” or “oppositional” behavior;

  •  Understand how to sustain preferred behavior change, and;

  •  …and much more!

If you would like to know more about the Responsive Helper programs or you would like to request a workshop of your own, please sign up for the newsletter or get in touch.