“Responsive Leadership has enhanced our capacity more than any other approach undertaken…de Groot’s approach has improved employee and client outcomes.”
– Dr. John Colangeli, CEO

“Stephen de Groot is to Human Services Leadership, as Gabor Mate is to Addictions. I would rank him as the absolute best trainer I have ever experienced. His Responsive Leadership Conference had a profound impact on me and the staff that attended. We refer to the book regularly and I find our members quoting Steve’s words and the material constantly in conversations. The paradigm shift and impact were immediate; we are making it a part of our culture and the way we practice.”

– Lisa Graham, Human Resources Manager

“The Responsive Leadership session exceeded mine and my team’s expectations! We were given a wealth of practical tools and examples of how to lead/coach and work with our people much better. Steve’s energy and style were so engaging that all members were riveted the entire time. Everyone left the day feeling more self-aware and hopeful that we were better equipped to support our teams and serve our clients.”

– Mala Sachdeva, Former Deputy Minister, Manitoba Housing

Responsive Leadership is the perfect complement to Responsive Practice. The only holistic leadership framework that is perfectly aligned with how we expect our front-line practitioners to work, we’ll help you operationalize and sustain a truly values-centred, human-focused and effective leadership practice. We’ll help you move away from traditional models of “carrot and stick” management, towards true meaning and engagement.

We know that your priorities are;

  1. Maximizing employee motivation and engagement
  2. Inspiring greater performance
  3. Reducing staff burn out and turnover
  4. Attracting and retaining quality employees
  5. Strengthening and sustaining great culture
  6. Achieving (and exceeding) expected outcomes

You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help.

Stephen de Groot, author of Responsive Leadership

We offer a wide range of support and services for leadership and organizational development, including;

  • Keynote addresses
  • Live workshops and professional development courses
  • Webinar-based online learning
  • Custom-built programming for your specific training needs
  • Individual and group leadership/executive coaching
  • Vision, mission, values and strategic planning
  • Client-centred outcome and evaluation systems
  • Tools for measuring leadership effectiveness and employee engagement

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